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If you believe in the healing power of music, you know each experience has a specific, special moment. A song that brings back a memory, a tempo that gets toes tapping, or a smile that becomes contagious and changes the mood in the room. Having played for half a million people, we know there are half a million stories like this to tell — so we want YOU to share yours!

Did you or a loved one recently receive a visit from one of our volunteer musicians?

As a part of our Half A Million Moments campaign, we’re collecting our favorite Moments from our volunteers. Check out some of our favorites!

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Monday Moments: Rachel Platten’s Unexpected Reaction From A Patient

  Long before her “Fight Song” took over the air waves, Rachel Platten was a Volunteer Musician with MOC, delivering the healing power of music to patients in New York. Sometimes, you don’t always get the reaction you expect from a program, as Rachel describes below. Platten recently did a special visit in LA for some lucky patients at the UCLA Medical Center! Do you have a story about the healing power of music? Tell us all about it!

Monday Moments: Volunteer Musician Ken Voisin Recognized by NYC Mayoral Service Recognition Program

NYC Volunteer Musician, Ken Voisin, has been delivering the healing power of music with Musicians On Call for six years now. To celebrate his 100+ hours volunteering with Musicians On Call last year, the NYC Mayoral Department has recognized Voisin as one of NYC’s top volunteers as a part of their NYC Mayoral Service Recognition Program. To congratulate Ken, we wanted to share one of his favorite MOC Moments, which occurred during his first year with MOC!   The Volunteer Guide signaled me into the dimly lit room, where I saw two somber parents sitting very close on each side of the […]

Monday Moments: Tracy Bancroft and Barry Gutman Honored for 10 years of service with WXPN MOC at Tho

Two of WXPN Musicians On Call’s Volunteer Guides were honored recently to celebrate their 10 Years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. We are proud to have Tracy Bancroft and Barry Gutman volunteering with us in Philadelphia. Over their 10 years, these two have shared many MOC Moments with us. Here’s just one of many from Tracy’s 10 years with us!   Many years ago I had a young [Volunteer Musician] named Claudio who played classical guitar. I went to one room and the gentleman politely turned us down as he seemed very uncomfortable that night. Then the patient next-door wanted to hear music. As […]

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