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If you believe in the healing power of music, you know each experience has a specific, special moment. A song that brings back a memory, a tempo that gets toes tapping, or a smile that becomes contagious and changes the mood in the room. Having played for half a million people, we know there are half a million stories like this to tell — so we want YOU to share yours!

Did you or a loved one recently receive a visit from one of our volunteer musicians?

As a part of our Half A Million Moments campaign, we’re collecting our favorite Moments from our volunteers. Check out some of our favorites!

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Monday Moments: The Story of Emma Rose

Thanks to our incredible Boston Champions, Musicians On Call is excited to launch Bedside Performance Programs in Boston! One Champion, Missy Ducharme, recently ran a fundraiser along with Jeffrey Scornavacca in the hopes of bringing the healing power of music to their hometown. Before a special performance, Missy told the audience her touching story of why she’s helping to deliver the healing power of music. We can’t thank Missy, Jeffrey, and our Boston supporters enough for making that night so special. Their support helped raise over $2,000 to bring the healing power of music to patients in Boston! If you’d like to help Missy […]

Monday Moments: Making Peaceful Moments for Patients and Families

Our Volunteers all have different stories that bring them to MOC. Jeremy, a Volunteer Musician at Musicians On Call for over 6 years, pictured above leading the Yankees in a Bedside Performance during HOPE week 2014, has an especially touching story that drives his dedication to the healing power of music..   It was a beautiful April day in 2008 when I brought my oldest son, Zack, 15 yrs-old, to his pediatrician to take a look at a peculiar inflammation on his leg. Within 15 minutes of entering the examination room – having seen the horrified look on my son’s […]

LISTEN: Monday Moments – Elvis Duran and The Morning Show Share Their Favorite MOC Moments

On Friday, in anticipation of our upcoming event, the #1 syndicated morning radio show, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, took some time to share their own MOC moments from over the years! First up was our Leadership In Music Honoree Elvis Duran who shared a story from his program last year with American Idol winner Nick Fradiani. Have you ever watched a flower wake up with the sunshine? You would watch this patient, this little girl, I’ll never forget. He started singing and Nick Fradiani’s beautiful voice was filling this room with so much warmth. You watched her respond […]

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