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There are 36 million people hospitalized in the U.S. each year, and with the current global pandemic, we can anticipate that number may grow significantly. Musicians On Call believes the healing power of music is more critical now than ever.

Musicians On Call seeks to help the healing process by offering a familiar sound in an uncertain environment. In an effort to continue serving our patient community, Musicians On Call is proud to release our #MOCHeals collaborated playlist. Volunteers from across the country have come together to dedicate a song to aid the healing process. This playlist is being shared with hospital partners and is available to patients or anyone who may feel isolated, lonely or just in the need of a pick-me-up as a result of COVID-19.

Check out some of our volunteers below or view the playlist in its entirety on YouTube.

Cindy Weir Dylan


Music Pharmacy

As a part of our Music Pharmacy, we have announced the expansion of our Music Pharmacy program, which brings the healing power of music to patients in hospitals across the country, sponsored by Amazon Music and Bose. The expansion of the program is in an effort to bring more music to patients, families and caregivers in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, enabling MOC to more than double the number of facilities with Music Pharmacies.

Each Music Pharmacy consists of a Fire 7 tablet, donated by Amazon, with free subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited and Bose noise cancelling headphones. Patients can enjoy custom-curated playlists to promote positivity and healing in the hospital environment.

While we continue to send the tablets and headphones in a safe way to facilities, these playlists are easily accessible at the links below.

Dose Of Joy

Prescription Strength

Chill Refill


Spoonful Of Sugar

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