Advisory Board Membership

More than 50 supporters across the country have committed to elevating Musicians On Call’s mission through their services and financial support as members of MOC’s Advisory Board.

As MOC expands and evolves, we have a growing need for more individuals, partners and advocates to help us deliver the healing power of music to patients everywhere. Advisory Board membership means that you are committing your time, energy and heart to the service of MOC’s mission, while having the privilege of receiving MOC news first, exclusives just for you, access to MOC’s extensive network of companies and professionals, the opportunity to guide the direction of the organization and play essential roles to help us to reach more patients through the joy of music.

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Your Commitment to Musicians On Call

We ask our advisory board members to fulfill an annual commitment each year to maintain their membership status for the upcoming year. With this, you can participate in any capacity you choose each year within three levels of membership: Local, National or the President’s Council. There is a minimum of 4 core requirements – the three in bold plus one additional from the list – each member is asked to complete each year to serve and maintain their status as an Advisory Board member for the next year. Any additional commitments or activities from the list beyond 4 are optional and make you eligible for higher levels of membership.

Subscribe to Musicians On Call’s email list, and be a responder. We track engagement – every click, open and reply counts

Join the Advisory Board LinkedIn and Facebook groups and engage with Musicians On Call on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Post, repost, keep in touch. All it takes is clicking a button.

Make an annual personal donation of (a minimum of) $100.

Volunteer or attend a bedside performance at least once a year

Secure celebrity talent for Musicians On Call programs and/or events upon request

Procure auction packages that have a potential yield of $500+

Secure high profile press coverage for MOC upon request

Secure venue for MOC events at reduced or no cost

Provide in-kind creative, manufacturing, legal, tech, digital ad space, design, marketing, product, venue or other services

Give or raise $500+ from your personal contacts through online fundraiser, house party/cocktail, appeals letters, personal phone calls and/or personal donation(s) (Join the Backstage Pass Club

Make an annual major gift ($5,000+)

Sponsor a program or event through personal or company funding

Connect MOC to key corporate partners, foundations or individuals of affluence that might be willing to support MOC at a $5,000+ level

Help secure funding from hospital partners

Interested in joining Musicians On Call’s Advisory Board? Send an email to [email protected]

Fulfillment of the outlined requirements does not guarantee you membership on Musicians On Call’s Advisory Board. Musicians On Call reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual at the discretion of the staff or Board of Directors.