Hard Rock helps Musicians On Call Celebrate their Volunteers

28 Jan

Hard Rock helps Musicians On Call Celebrate their Volunteers

Musicians On Call is thankful for the support of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation to help celebrate all our Volunteer Musicians and Guides do!

Throughout 2018, the Hard Rock Heals Foundation generously opened its doors to celebrate Musicians On Call’s volunteers in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Boston, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. Each year, Musicians On Call celebrates the accomplishments of its volunteers in each market with a night to share drinks, light bites, hospital experiences and to recognize them for their volunteering milestones.

Three lucky volunteers and donors were treated to an all-inclusive vacation at Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana in appreciation for their volunteer service and fundraising efforts, courtesy of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation. Our Volunteer Dolores was lucky enough to win a trip to Hard Rock PC:

“From the moment we arrived until the moment when we checked out again, we were made to feel welcome and catered to. Every person on staff who came in contact with us, or simply walked by, smiled and greeted us “hola.” Each morning started with breakfast in The Market. With champagne! I’ve never seen such a varied display of fresh, delicious choices. We had pizza for lunch the first day at Pizzeto, and dinners at Isla and Los Gallos. Did I mention burgers grilled poolside?! Luckily, there was the beach and all those pools, shops, and restaurants, or we would have had a hard time leaving our beautifully appointed guest room! I was thrilled to take advantage of the Picks program and have a Fender Stratocaster in my room all weekend so I could keep up with practice for an upcoming special event. The staff at the Eden pool, my daughter’s favorite spot, seemed genuinely sorry to say goodbye on the last day. Hugs all around! Thank you for an experience we will remember forever, and talk about for a long time to come. I am deeply grateful.”