Our Favorite #MOCheals Songs

To offer the healing power of music to those who need it most, Musicians On Call (MOC) wanted to provide music that will help uplift and heal patients, families and caregivers in their time of need. No matter what evil or hate exists in the world, our mission will always remain to use music as a platform to spread love, joy, peace, and ultimately, healing. There is no hate that will drown out music bringing back wonderful memories or creating new ones. There’s no evil that will stop us from singing in the shower, lip syncing our favorite songs in our cars or dancing at concerts. Music is about love, it’s about joy and it’s about healing. Nothing will change that, and we won’t be slowed down in our efforts to prove that.

Join us in our effort to spread the healing power of music. Check out our Volunteer Musicians performing songs that heal below and share your own on social media with #MOCheals. You can film yourself playing an uplifting song, or simply share the title and performer of your favorite song of healing. Our #MOCheals playlist below will be available for anyone who may be looking for an uplifting song.