Share Your #MOCMoments

As someone who is personally affected by our program, you know that each time you see a program there is a moment that stays with you: a song that brings back a memory, a tempo that gets toes tapping, or a smile that becomes contagious and changes the mood in the room. Having played for half a million people, we know there are half a million stories like this to tell — so we want YOU to share yours!

Here are some ways you can help share your story:

1. Post A Video

We want to hear your story!

  1. Use your smartphone or camera to tell us about your favorite moment. We recommend keeping videos 1-2 minutes. You can get the story going with something like “My name is ___ and I’ve supported Musicians On Call as a (Volunteer, Advisory Board Member, Donor) and my favorite MOC Moment is _____”
  2. Upload to your YouTube account or to Facebook (if you do not have a YouTube account, you can send us your video here)
  3. Share the moment with your friends on social media using the hashtag #MOCMoments

Watch our video below for helpful tips in making your MOC Moments video.

2. Post a Photo!

Use our #MOCMoments sign to share your moment on social media!

  1. Download the #MOCMoments sign and write in your moment
  2. Take a picture with the sign
  3. Share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

3. Share A Tweet! (or share your favorite social platform)

Even if you haven’t experienced an MOC program, you probably have witnessed the healing power of music in some way. Share your moment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Tumblr.

Here are a few things to consider when you post your moment

  • When did you feel healing power of music?
  • Do you have a song that got you through a difficult time?
  • Did you watch a performance that changed you in some way?

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MOCMoments!

4. Swag Out Your Profile Pic!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.59.15 PMJoin the Musicians On Call by adding this filter to your profile picture and show your friends you believe in the healing power of music and are a part of the Half A Million Moments.


Half A Million Moments

Thanks again for sharing your #MOCMoments!