Stars of the MLB Team Up With MOC! – Monday Moments

03 Apr

Stars of the MLB Team Up With MOC! – Monday Moments

In honor of the MLB’s opening week, we wanted to look back at all of the baseball rockstars who have helped us deliver the healing power of music!

Musicians On Call has been proud to team up with Jake Peavy of the San Francisco Giants on several occasions, including the launch of our San Francisco branch and a recent visit to Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

On the East Coast, MOC teamed up with the Yankees in 2014 as a part of their HOPE Week! A special concert was heald at Morgan Stanely Children’s Hospital with the team as well as Bedside Performance Programs for those who couldn’t leave their rooms.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the support of our MLB stars. We’re wishing both the Giants and the Yankees a great 2017 season!

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