If one of our Volunteers helped deliver the healing power of music to you or a loved one, we’d love to learn more about your experience! Your feedback can help us bring the healing power of music to patients, families, and caregivers across the country.

Monday Moments: A Backstage Look

As our volunteer guides will tell you, musicians aren’t the only ones who can help deliver the healing power of music. As a guide, these volunteers act as a liaison between the patients and/or family members. Dave, a former Volunteer Guide at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), witnessed MOC Moments regularly at the ICU, but one story stood out in his mind the most. Here is what Dave had to say! My favorite moment came in a room with a man who had [a major operation]. The nurse said she hadn’t seen any movement or response from this man […]

Monday Moments: Changing the Spirit Of The Room

Meet Avi, a tough teen in New York who is battling cancer. His mother, Honey, was with him in at Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatrics for a typical visit when our volunteers happen to be on site going room to room playing for patients. What happened next made such a lasting impression on the two of them, Honey was inspired to share her #MOCMoment. Watch the video below to hear what Honey had to say!   Since then, Avi has been visited by MOC volunteers quite often! Check out what he had to say when our volunteers Sterling Champion and Alexis Babini stopped […]

Monday Moments: A Personal Concert For Veterans

Our volunteers always jump at the opportunity to play for our Veterans. Any chance to give back to those who served our country is always a heartwarming experience! Alyssa Micaela stopped by the Nashville VA to deliver the healing power of music to Veterans and their familes. One family member, Jeff, was especially grateful for the bedside performance. After the program, he felt inspired enough to come to our website and become a Program Advocate! Here is what Jeff had to say about the program! What a wonderful experience! Alyssa sang to the 2 veterans as if it was their own […]