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If you believe in the healing power of music, you know each experience has a specific, special moment. A song that brings back a memory, a tempo that gets toes tapping, or a smile that becomes contagious and changes the mood in the room. Having played for half a million people, we know there are half a million stories like this to tell — so we want YOU to share yours!

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A “Miracle Moment” for an Immobile Patient – Monday Moments

  You never know what to expect when music starts playing at a Bedside Performance Program. Because volunteers often don’t know the patients before walking into the hospital room, it is difficult to guess how the patient will react. This can lead to some truly outstanding moments, like Volunteer Guide Janelle Badanes and Musician Ryan Leo could tell you. Here is what Janelle had to say about one program at Virginia Hospital Center! A patient was immobile and not really moving since [being admitted into the hospital.] He had to be fed, helped to the bathroom, etc. When we stopped by, […]

The Railers Jam With Doctor at TriStar Centennial Women and Children’s Hospital

You never know what will happen during a Bedside Performance Program! At a recent visit to TriStar Centennial Women and Children’s Hospital, Dr. Mark Christofersen bumped into MOC Volunteers, Jordan and Jonathan Lawson from The Railers, on their rounds and struck up a conversation about the healing power of music. It turns out that this doctor is also a musician! After talking about how much music means to them, Dr. Christoferson asked to play a song or two with the volunteers, and The Railers gladly obliged! The jam session was thoroughly enjoyed by the nearby nurses of the children’s hospital. “Just […]

Bringing Music to Grateful Veterans in Denver – Monday Moments

As Musicians On Call continues to expand to more hospitals, we also have the opportunity to hear new stories from the Volunteers and patients. At the Denver VA Hospital, Volunteer Musician Steve Franklin and Volunteer Guides Brooke Diaz and Andrea Mendez had the pleasure of piloting the program and seeing first-hand how the Veterans would react to the healing power of music. Here is what Steve had to say about the pilot program! Musicians On Call performances show the true power of music. I have never performed for a more grateful audience and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. […]

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