A Letter From A Musicians On Call Volunteer From Boston, Missy Ducharme

My name is Missy Ducharme, and I’m a Musicians On Call Volunteer Musician in Boston.

My journey with Musicians On Call all started with my first daughter, Emma Rose. She was born with a chromosomal disorder that attacked most of her organs, especially her heart. She spent the entire six months of her life in the hospital fighting through 10 surgeries. I clearly remember this one particular day when Emma had an open heart surgery, and I was at her bedside singing to her as she was resting, unable to move.

As I was singing, her arm went straight up in the air. I looked at the nurse in disbelief, and she said, “Keep singing. It’s working. Her blood pressure is coming down.” So I was able to see firsthand with my own child that music really does have positive medical effects on the human body. After Emma passed, I thought there had to be something out there that helps people in this way.

This is when I found that MOC delivers live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients. I could not think of a better way to honor my daughter than to be a supporter of this organization. For the past year and a half, I decided to dedicate all my performances to MOC and Boston Children’s Hospital, and I was able to raise over $15,000. Every time I volunteer, I get to witness beautiful moments like the one I shared with my daughter.

Today, I ask you to help us to join me and Musicians On Call in bringing the healing power of music to patients in need by becoming a volunteer or with a donation. Every dollar donated goes toward bringing music to hospital rooms, and you can help. Even the smallest gift goes a long way!

Thank you,
Missy Ducharme
Musicians On Call Volunteer, Boston

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