A Letter From A Musicians On Call Volunteer From Boston, Missy Ducharme

My name is Missy Ducharme, and I’m a Musicians On Call Volunteer Musician in Boston. I’m reaching out on behalf of more than 700 volunteers across the country to encourage you to give to Musicians On Call this World Music Day (June 21), in celebration of their 20th anniversary of delivering music to hospital rooms.

My journey with Musicians On Call all started with my first daughter, Emma Rose. She was born with a chromosomal disorder that attacked most of her organs, especially her heart. She spent the entire six months of her life in the hospital fighting through 10 surgeries. I clearly remember this one particular day when Emma had an open heart surgery, and I was at her bedside singing to her as she was resting, unable to move.

As I was singing, her arm went straight up in the air. I looked at the nurse in disbelief, and she said, “Keep singing. It’s working. Her blood pressure is coming down.” So I was able to see firsthand with my own child that music really does have positive medical effects on the human body. After Emma passed, I thought there had to be something out there that helps people in this way.

This is when I found that MOC delivers live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients. I could not think of a better way to honor my daughter than to be a supporter of this organization. For the past year and a half, I decided to dedicate all my performances to MOC and Boston Children’s Hospital, and I was able to raise over $15,000. Every time I volunteer, I get to witness beautiful moments like the one I shared with my daughter.

Throughout World Music Month, MOC volunteers have banded together to introduce MOC to friends and loved ones. So far, we’ve raised over $13,000, and we are almost halfway to our goal. Every dollar donated to our campaign goes toward bringing music to hospital rooms, and you can help. Even the smallest gift goes a long way!



As we’re enjoying summer barbecues and get-togethers, let’s take this opportunity as music lovers to help others because music really is the ultimate healer.

Thank you,
Missy Ducharme
Musicians On Call Volunteer, Boston