A Message from our President

Dear MOC Family,

Today is a tough day for all of us. Like you, my thoughts are with the victims and families of this tragedy as well as with the first responders and other music fans who protected and aided so many last night. While there is so much sadness right now, there are also so many people to be proud of and grateful for because of their heroic actions.

We had dozens of our MOC family at the event this past weekend and as far as we know right now, it seems most are OK. I hope there are no other updates on that front, but if there are I will keep you posted. We do consider you all our family here. If there is anything Musicians On Call can do to support you as you deal with this tragedy, or anything I can do personally, please let me know. Our strength comes from one another in times like these, so let’s continue to be there for our community.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that no matter what evil or hate exists in the world, our mission will always remain to use music as a platform to spread love, joy, peace, and ultimately, healing. There is no hate that will drown out music bringing back wonderful memories or creating new ones. There’s no evil that will stop us from singing in the shower, lip syncing our favorite songs in our cars or dancing at concerts. Music is about love, it’s about joy and it’s about healing. Nothing will change that, and we won’t be slowed down in our efforts to prove that.

Thank you all for being such incredible ambassadors for the healing power of music and giving so much of yourselves so others may feel that way too. We will continue to bring music to patients in healthcare facilities, and we are working to make sure Las Vegas can feel our love shortly.

Sending my love to you all,

Pete Griffin
President of Musicians On Call