Lukas Graham Sends Special Message for Leukemia Survivor

It was 2020 when 8-year-old Xavier was undergoing treatment for leukemia and Musicians On Call gave him a visit he would never forget.

Through a MOC program, Xavier met one of his favorite artists, Lukas Graham, and sang his favorite song, “Scars.” When surprised with the opportunity to sing a duet with Lukas, Xavier was overcome with emotion. Touched by this interaction, Lukas told him:

“We all got scars, Xavier, and you know what? Singing songs like this makes us stronger.”

Now, two years later, Musicians On Call reconnected with Xavier as he rang the bell for beating cancer:

As communities across the globe celebrate World Music Day today, we invite you to join our Backstage Pass Club campaign and help bring the healing power of music to patients like Xavier every week of the year.


Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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