MOC Delivers The Healing Power Of Music To Patients, Families And Caregivers Of Las Vegas Shooting

Nashville Artists Charles Esten, Michael Ray, Brandon Ray, The Railers and Filmore bring joy and hope through music with support from the Country Music Association, CMT and Southwest Airlines

Musicians On Call has responded to the tragedy in Las Vegas by bringing the healing power of music to patients, families and caregivers affected by the Las Vegas tragedy. Musicians On Call teamed up with the Country Music Association, CMT and Southwest Airlines® to bring members of the country music community to visit University Medical Center and Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas to bring joy through music in a time of need.

On Tuesday, Charles Esten, The Railers, and Filmore visited Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to visit the patients, families and caregivers in patient rooms and with impromptu serenades at hospital desks. At University Medical Center, The Railers and Filmore put on a special lobby performance to offer staff members an opportunity for a brief distraction from the week’s events with uplifting music.  Later that evening, The Railers and Filmore made a inspiring visit to the Emergency Room staff to thank the caregivers who were working the night of the tragedy, and performed a heartwarming rendition of “Lean on Me” among others, which was received with hugs, tears and kind words of gratitude.

On Wednesday, Recording Artists, Michael Ray and Brandon Ray, joined the lineup for a “Concert for Healing” at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Michael and Brandon performed at the Route 91 Festival this year making them the first singers from the festival to go back to Vegas to perform for survivors of the tragedy. Patients, caregivers and first responders who were affected by the tragedy were invited for the performance to heal together through music. After the performance, patients were surprised with a video call from country music icon, Reba McEntire, who gave well wishes for a speedy recovery.

“The hospital visits this week were some of the most emotional ones I’ve ever been a part of, “ said Pete Griffin, President of Musicians On Call. “When we bring live music to patients bedsides across the country it’s usually for an injury or ailment unrelated to music. Because the people we played for this week were injured during a concert just down the road, it made the songs and reactions to them even more powerful and emotional for everyone. It was an honor to bring the healing power of music to the patients and families, but these visits highlighted a group of people also in need of healing that many people don’t think about: our caregivers. While first responders and civilians did an incredible job rescuing these victims from danger, these caregivers had to then begin to diagnose and treat an overwhelming amount of people, some of them their friends. Being able to bring music and healing to our caregivers was an incredibly important piece of this trip, and on behalf of the entire music community we send our gratitude to our caregivers and first responders, and our love to the victims and their families. I also want to thank our staff, volunteers, musicians and supporters at CMA, CMT and Southwest Airlines who made this special visit possible.”

To continue delivering the healing power of music to Vegas, MOC is creating a playlist of songs that heal for those affected by the tragedy in Vegas. Go to and check out Volunteer Musicians performing songs that heal and share your own on social media with #MOCheals. Supporters can film their own uplifting song, or simply share the title and performer of your favorite song of healing. Our #MOCheals playlist will be available for the patients, families and caregivers in Vegas and anyone who may be looking for an uplifting song.

MOC is grateful to 3G Productions, Inc. for their generous donation of equipment for our special “Concert for Healing” at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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