Musicians On Call Teams Up with Humble Bundle to give e-books for good

Musicians On Call teamed up with Humble Bundle to provide its users with a unique opportunity to deliver the healing power of music. Thanks to the support of Humble Bundle’s publishing partners Wiley, Top Cow and MIT Press, fans can purchase an exclusive collection of eBooks and choose what they want to give. Book collections include The Darkness, Games and Puzzles, and Computer Music.

To date, Humble Bundle fans have helped raise over $130,000 for Musicians On Call allowing us to sponsor 26 hospital floors and deliver the healing power of music to thousands of patients, families and caregivers.

Humble Bundle hosts e-Book campaigns year-round. To learn more, visit

Charles Esten, wearing a santa hat, is playing guitar bedside for a hospitalized patient. The patient is smiling, showing gratitude for this moment of music and joy

Give the gift of music this holiday season

Help bring the healing power of music to patients, families, and caregivers this holiday season.

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