Musicians On Call Volunteers Collaborate Virtually on New Single, “People Needing People”

Though the pair live in two different states, Andrew Plan and Kristine Wriding were connected by a mutual vocal coach and soon learned they had something else in common – they are both Musicians On Call Volunteer Musicians! And now these long-time co-writers have released an inspiring new collaboration called “People Needing People.”

When asked about the inspiration for the song, Kristine shared a personal experience witnessing a lack of understanding from the outside world. “For myself, I have a loved one with autism and it frustrates me how some people judge him from the outside, or his lack of speech, and fail to really get to know him and understand how smart he is. I thought to myself, ‘we are all just people in this world, why can’t we all see that?’ After sharing the idea and chorus with Andrew, he helped build out the song.” Andrew adds, “I really wanted to make a song that would inspire people to put aside their differences, so they can love and take care of each other.”

In their experiences volunteering with Musicians On Call, Andrew and Kristine have enjoyed many opportunities to care for others by sharing the healing power of music. “After playing for hundreds of patients and family members from all walks of life, what strikes me are the common things they all share, that we all share,” says Andrew, “We all need love, we all need healing, we all need family. These beautiful commonalities that unite us are what I want to celebrate with our song.”

For Kristine it’s the smiles and joyful moments in the hospital that stand out. “I volunteer mostly within the Children’s Hospitals and it is always so much fun to sing, laugh and share smiles with the kiddos! They always keep me on my toes asking for fun, silly songs! One of my favorite things to do is involve them in songs such as ‘Old McDonald.’ We sing about their favorite animals and kids have the best imaginations! We end up singing about unicorns, dragons, monkeys in pajamas, walrus’ and sharks! By the end of the song, we are all giggling and laughing.”

Congratulations Andrew and Kristine on a wonderful collaboration! You can now stream the song on your favorite platform here.

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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