Rob Mayzes Is A Musician On A Mission

Rob Mayzes is a Musician and Engineer who thrives off of teaching others the lessons he learned the hard way. He once experienced a change in his philosophy on mixing, business and philanthropy. Fast forward to today where Rob is sharing his approach with professionals across the globe through his company Musician on a Mission, and supporting the healing power of music along the way.

The work of Musician On A Mission not only benefits professionals in the music industry, it also impacts others on both sides of the pond. As a firm believer that music can heal, Rob chose to donate a portion of his profits to Musicians on Call and UK-based Music Minds Matter. He chose Musicians on Call so those who are non-musically gifted can reap the benefits of music’s healing power.

“I really liked the idea [of Musicians On Call], I think it’s got a really great story. Being a music-based business it made sense to partner with music-based charities as well. I really do think that music is important for mental health. We’re helping non-musicians through Musicians On Call and we’re also helping professional musicians through Music Minds Matter,” said Rob, “That’s my goal, to use this audience we’ve created to really drive the recording industry forward but also to benefit adjacent industries within music. Charity is a big part of that.”

Thank you Rob Mayzes and Musician on a Mission for supporting the healing power of music. Rob’s mission has provided more than $10,000 to Musicians On Calls programs to date, helping us share the joy of live music with thousands of patients, families and caregivers nationwide.

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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