Meet Alan Oresky, Our Featured Volunteer from the Baltimore/DC Area!

Get to know our volunteers!

Do you volunteer at a specific hospital? I volunteer at Children’s National Medical Center

How long have you been volunteering with Musicians On Call? 3 years

Are you a Volunteer Guide or Volunteer Musician? Musician

What is your favorite song to play for patients? Brahm’s Lullaby

Do you perform anywhere else besides with MOC? Yes! I am a professional freelance violinist/fiddler in the Baltimore-Washington area.

What is your story? What connects you with music and why do you volunteer with MOC? I have always wanted to live my dream, to be a professional musician and an instrumental music teacher. I have been fortunate and blessed to achieve these goals since 1968. Since my retirement from formal teaching in 2009, I have wanted to continue to give back to our young people, especially those in need. MOC has provided the perfect opportunity for me to do so.

Has your life changed because of your experience with MOC?  I can instantly see the joy of the children that have listened and watched my performances. Some have shared some of their musical experiences with me. Some of the children that participate in their school or private lessons have asked me very specific questions. As a result, some times we have had short “mini-lessons” in their hospital rooms!

What is your favorite #MOCmoment? There was a time when a young early high school aged girl asked me some specific questions about her violin playing. I was impressed by her focus, and honored because she chose to share some of her performing and practicing experiences with me, despite the fact that she was confined to a hospital room and probably experiencing some discomfort.

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