Meet Lisa Rochette, Our Featured Volunteer from New York!

Get to know our volunteers!

Do you volunteer at a specific hospital? Mt Sinai West

How long have you been volunteering with Musicians On Call?  4+ years

Are you a Volunteer Guide or Volunteer Musician? Guide

What is your occupation outside of MOC? Director of Talent, Nickelodeon

What is your story? What connects you with music and why do you volunteer with MOC?

“I know from experience how draining it can be (emotionally and physically) to sit with a loved one in a hospital room during lengthy visits. When I came upon the site for MOC, I immediately applied to guide. I grew up with a love of music, but have little musical talent of my own. This is my way to be involved in a musical morale-boost for patients, as well as for their visiting family & friends.”

What is your favorite #MOCmoment? When a patient starts tapping his or her foot to the music, especially when they initially seemed lukewarm about having a musician in – that never fails to bring a smile to my face.”

Do you want to help us deliver the healing power of music? Apply to volunteer as a guide or a musician today!


Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

Make A Difference

You can bring a dose of joy to patients, families and caregivers as a Volunteer Musician or Guide.

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