Meet Pablo Vivas, our featured volunteer from South Florida!

Get to know our volunteers!

Do you volunteer at a specific hospital? I volunteer at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

How long have you been volunteering with Musicians On Call? One year

Are you a Volunteer Guide or Volunteer Musician? Musician

What is your favorite song to play for patients? I usually play “You Got a Friend in Me” and a few of my own songs

Have you ever been part of an impromptu jam session with patients or family in a hospital room? Not yet, but looking forward to it!

Do you perform anywhere else besides with MOC? Yes I usually showcase my songs in different venues around town

What is your occupation outside of MOC? I work in a printing company

Do you have any hidden talents? I’m a songwriter and I play multiple instruments

What is your story? What connects you with music and why do you volunteer with MOC? I love music and I love songwriting. I volunteer because I think that music heals emotionally and spiritually…

Has your life changed because of your experience with MOC? Totally has… I love performing for the kids and their families

What is your favorite #MOCmoment? One of my greatest MOC moments was when my guide when into a patient room filled with teenage friends of the patient.
They asked her if I could play any Hanukkah songs, an I said that unfortunately, I didn’t. Instead, I offered to sing “Feliz Navidad” and we all had a blast singing together!

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Charles Esten, wearing a santa hat, is playing guitar bedside for a hospitalized patient. The patient is smiling, showing gratitude for this moment of music and joy

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