Meet Alejandra Czarny and Susana Behar

Get to know our Featured Volunteers from Miami!

What Virtual Program do you volunteer with? We volunteer for the Programa Virtual en Español (Virtual Program In Spanish)

How long have you been volunteering with Musicians On Call?
Alejandra: I’ve been volunteering for four years
Susana: I’ve been with Musicians On Call for 5+ years

Are you volunteer guides or musicians? We are Musicians

What is your favorite song to play for patients?
Alejandra: I love playing “Cancion de baniar la luna”
Susana: My favorite is “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars

Which demographic do you love playing for and why?
Alejandra: Any kind of demographic, but particularly for people that are open to the messages that music might bring.
Susana: We have been working with the Chidren at the Joe Di Maggio Childrens Hospital. Playing and singing for the children and their families, has been very special for me

Do you have any livestreams or other performances coming up?
Alejandra: Yes, a show in February featuring part of my original songs. Also in February I’m participating in a livestream concert supporting a group called MAYAWORKS, of women artisans in Guatemala
Susana: Yes, I have a concert this coming Sunday, Feb 13th in Palm Beach and another one on March 17 in Miami Beach. Later, in June, I will perform at Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston, SC

What is your occupation outside of MOC?
Alejandra: I teach voice, and run private singing groups.
Susana: I am a singer. I specialize in Sephardic music and Latin-American folk. I participate in concerts and festivals and collaborate with different artists in several different projects.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Alejandra: I love to write poetry, but it’s not very hidden lol. I like as well to cook vegan recipes and learning more Yiddish (that’s the main language of my repertoire). I am also learning more piano!
Susana: I’m a good cook…perhaps a not-so-hidden talent 🙂 I’m good at bringing people together and I love to cook and have people gather around my kitchen to share a good meal and a good time.

What is your story? What connects you with music and why do you volunteer with MOC?
Alejandra: I have a music therapy degree, and I strongly believe in the power of music for healing and living. That’s why I am volunteering with MOC.
Susana: I have always loved to sing and have always valued the human connections that I’m able to create when I sing for an audience. Also, I have always been involved in some kind of volunteer work, with several organizations, throught my life. When I first heard of MOC and the amazing work they do, I knew I wanted to be part of it. To be able to volunteer my time doing what i love to do and at the same time, being able to bring some solace and happiness to hospitalized patients and their families, has been very rewarding and fullfilling. Although we have been enjoing doing the virtual program, I hope we can soon go back to performing directly for the children, once again.

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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