A “Miracle Moment” for an Immobile Patient


You never know what to expect when music starts playing at a Bedside Performance Program. Because volunteers often don’t know the patients before walking into the hospital room, it is difficult to guess how the patient will react.

This can lead to some truly outstanding moments, like Volunteer Guide Janelle Badanes and Musician Ryan Leo could tell you.

Here is what Janelle had to say about one program at Virginia Hospital Center!

A patient was immobile and not really moving since [being admitted into the hospital.] He had to be fed, helped to the bathroom, etc. When we stopped by, his wife was there and was encouraging him to look over at us while Ryan was playing. About midway through the song, he looked over and tried to take his gloves off. The nurse helped him and as soon as he took off his gloves he began to ‘strum’ like he was playing a guitar. Turns out, he used to play guitar and has a passion for all different kinds of guitars. It felt like a miracle moment.


Thanks for sharing that beautiful moment with us!

Have you experienced the healing power of music? Tell us about it! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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