A Personal Concert For Veterans

Our volunteers always jump at the opportunity to play for our Veterans. Any chance to give back to those who served our country is always a heartwarming experience!

Alyssa Micaela stopped by the Nashville VA to deliver the healing power of music to Veterans and their familes. One family member, Jeff, was especially grateful for the bedside performance. After the program, he felt inspired enough to come to our website and become a Program Advocate!

Here is what Jeff had to say about the program!

What a wonderful experience! Alyssa sang to the 2 veterans as if it was their own personal concert and she was so proud to be the entertainer. My dad called his friends to share the experience. How thoughtful and giving! A great program. And a very pleasant surprise.

It’s great when the whole family gets to experience the healing power of music. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your story!

Have you been visited by one of our volunteer musicians? Tell us all about it! We can’t wait to hear how our volunteers helped deliver the healing power of music.

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