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To continue our celebration of playing for half a million patients, family members, and caregivers, we wanted to share some of those special moments from our programs that show how music heals!

The first story we would like to share is from Ashley, a mother of a patient at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) in the Bronx. A family friend of theirs, Alex, happens to be an MOC volunteer who visits CHAM often! It was the perfect opportunity for Alex to schedule a visit so he could deliver the healing power of music to a special patient.

On #MOCMoments: I love this photo submitted by Ashley, as it captures one of my favorite experiences from @musiciansoncall. Ashley’s been a tremendous supporter of the music for a long time, so when she told me that her son Ayden happened to be receiving care at my favorite volunteer spot of the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx, it was a real honor to get bring the magic of MOC to someone so near and dear to my heart. I got to literally be a “musician on call” for their family. To see him smile and to see his eyes light up for our time together melted my heart. It was a full circle sort of moment that connected me so deeply to the people I love and the community I’m deeply grateful to be able to serve. Thank you, MOC, CHAM, and Ashley (and family) for this tremendous privilege. @_azzoli #musiciansoncall #elfenworks

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Here is what Ashley had to say about the program!

“My 3 year old is one of the most outgoing and energetic children. When he was hospitalized it took a strain on all of us! It broke my heart to see him so sad and miserable. I felt as if there was nothing I could do to help him. When Alex came by to visit and share the gift of music it made a difference. Suddenly all the tension we had been feeling had slipped away for that short time. Not only my son, Ayden but all of us were a little more relaxed. And Ayden had smiled for the first time in over a week! That was a great feeling. He even sang along to his favorite songs. I’m so greatful for Alex sharing his time with us.”

An MOC Moment like this shows exactly how powerful the healing power of music can be, not just for the patients, but for the family as well. Thanks, Alex and Ashley, for sharing your story with us!

Have you been visited by one of our volunteer musicians? Tell us all about it! We can’t wait to hear how our volunteers helped deliver the healing power of music.

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