Music On Its Way To Boston

Ansel loved delivering the healing power of music with MOC in Philadelphia and was sad to leave that behind when he moved to Boston…until now!

As we began to pilot a Bedside Performance Program in Boston, Ansel was lucky enough to be the first volunteer in our new city!

Check out what he had to say about his experience!


I had the honor of being the first musician to kick-off the program which was launched at the VA Hospital in Roxbury. Given the trauma the veterans lived through, I was a bit uncertain whether a song might trigger a painful memory or be inappropriate. But it would not be so. After I finished playing Auld Lang Syne for one man, his eyes were washed in tears. A clear minded nonagenarian listened intently with a smile on his face. A veteran’s brother told me the music made him want to pick up the harmonica again… So a heartening night of music all in all, made even more special playing for the men and women who served the country.


Thanks, Ansel, for helping us kickstart Boston’s program!

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