Tracy Bancroft and Barry Gutman Honored for 10 years of service with WXPN MOC at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Two of WXPN Musicians On Call’s Volunteer Guides were honored recently to celebrate their 10 Years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. We are proud to have Tracy Bancroft and Barry Gutman volunteering with us in Philadelphia.

Over their 10 years, these two have shared many MOC Moments with us. Here’s just one of many from Tracy’s 10 years with us!


Many years ago I had a young [Volunteer Musician] named Claudio who played classical guitar. I went to one room and the gentleman politely turned us down as he seemed very uncomfortable that night. Then the patient next-door wanted to hear music. As Claudio was playing this beautiful Italian aria, the man next-door got out of his bed and stood in the hallway by the door of the patient listening to the music. He was crying. After Claudio finished playing, the man crying told us that was his wedding song and his father-in-law sang it on the bus they were on traveling to the wedding reception. They had traveled to Italy to be married near his wife’s family. And he thanked Claudio for transporting him there with the memory of that song.



Congrats Tracy and Barry on 10 years with WXPN MOC!

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