Volunteer Musician Ken Voisin Recognized by NYC Mayoral Service Recognition Program

NYC Volunteer Musician, Ken Voisin, has been delivering the healing power of music with Musicians On Call for six years now. To celebrate his 100+ hours volunteering with Musicians On Call last year, the NYC Mayoral Department has recognized Voisin as one of NYC’s top volunteers as a part of their NYC Mayoral Service Recognition Program.

To congratulate Ken, we wanted to share one of his favorite MOC Moments, which occurred during his first year with MOC!


The Volunteer Guide signaled me into the dimly lit room, where I saw two somber parents sitting very close on each side of the bed to their toddler. The guide said they requested an upbeat, happy song. I asked if “Rubber Ducky” from Seasame Street was ok and they agreed. I set the drum machine on my keyboard to “Swing” 132 beats a minute and started to sing and play. Within 10 seconds this little girl was standing up jumping on her bed like a trampoline, hair bouncing left and right. Her parents started to smile as they watched their daughter transform into a joyous child. When the 2 minute song ended, everyone agreed for a second song. I choose the “Theme from the Muppet Show”, (“Ragtime” drum setting, 210 beats a minute), started playing again… and the little girl was off and dancing again. The mood in the room when the bedside visit ended was wonderously transformed. I remember to this day that family and how the healing power of music brighten a somber evening in their lives.


Congrats, Ken, on the huge honor and thank you for helping us deliver the healing power of music in NYC!

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