Volunteers Lift The Spirits at Vanderbilt Adult Critical Care

Volunteer Musicians Cheryl LuQuire and Adam Stark have been volunteering for us all over Nashville, but had never played for the Vanderbilt Adult Critical Care unit. As they soon learned, an environment like this can bring some of the most beautiful moments when the healing power of music gets involved!

Here is what Cheryl had to say about one special family:

One MOC Moment we won’t forget was when a Nurse asked us personally to play this specific room because she said the patient seemed so depressed, and because of it, her kids, and husband were also down. She simply asked we play something that may lift their spirits. We felt it as soon as we came in, and could see it on the Mom/Patients face. Once we hit that Chorus, we couldn’t believe the mom began to try to sing along with us. Our guide left the room to grab the nurse that had asked us to come in, and in a few seconds the nurses eyes welled up with tears, as did the kids and the husband. Once we were done playing, the patient tried her best to speak, and said “You played something from my generation!”. We won’t forget being apart of a true “lift” in the room and their hearts that night.

The MOC moments didn’t stop there. As musicians go room to room during every Bedside Performance Program, Volunteers can witness healing in action multiple times a night!

We also played for a couple of older male patients who both decided to sing along with us, and smile throughout. It was so fun! We took a chance on playing a song for an older man who seemed unenthused we were there, but by the end of the song said, “That’s my song right there. That’s my favorite song!”…we had no idea when we chose it! We also had our first experience with a patient actually dancing and clapping along in her hospital bed tonight as we played a version of “Happy”. We played for a patient who had to call her son in the middle of her song to share what was happening. We played for a couple who were waiting on a liver, and decided to open up to us about their time in the hospital. Their conversation prompted us to sing a welcomed religious song all together. It was powerful.

All moments we hope to always remember and carry with us as we play! Thank you Musicians on Call!

Thanks Cheryl for sharing your story!

Do you have a story about the healing power of music? Tell us all about it!

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