One Year After Diagnosis, MOC Board Member Kevin O’Toole Going Strong

As a Board member and Volunteer Musician for Musicians On Call, Kevin O’Toole has witnessed music heal on a regular basis. Since he joined the National Board of Directors in 2013, he has transformed hospital rooms in New York and Nashville into one-on-one concerts through the Bedside Performance Program.

In late 2018, Kevin was given a cancer diagnosis that would change everything. One year after beginning treatment, we are pleased to hear that his treatment is going well!

After receiving the initial news, Musicians On Call was quick to start a Music Pharmacy at Froedtert Hospital, the hospital where he was being treated. Though we didn’t yet have programs in Wisconson, these Music Pharmacies help bring music to patients on their own time. Each Music Pharmacy package contains noise-canceling headphones, tablets set up with Pandora as well as customized Pandora playlists to find the right music for healing.

After building this foundation with the hospital, we are proud to announce Milwaukee now has Bedside Performance Programs operating on a regular basis in his name! You can apply to be a part of this program here.

Looking back on this year of treatment, we’re continuing to root for Kevin and we are grateful for the opportunity to deliver the healing power of music to more patients in his honor.