The Railers Jam With Doctor at TriStar Centennial Women and Children’s Hospital

You never know what will happen during a Bedside Performance Program! At a recent visit to TriStar Centennial Women and Children’s Hospital, Dr. Mark Christofersen bumped into MOC Volunteers, Jordan and Jonathan Lawson from The Railers, on their rounds and struck up a conversation about the healing power of music. It turns out that this doctor is also a musician! After talking about how much music means to them, Dr. Christoferson asked to play a song or two with the volunteers, and The Railers gladly obliged! The jam session was thoroughly enjoyed by the nearby nurses of the children’s hospital.

“Just as music plays such a big part of our lives at home, including it in the context of the art of healing makes such good sense for both the patient and the performer,” said Dr. Christofersen.

We love when the healing power of music can spread to not only the patients, but the hard working staff of the hospitals we serve. Special thanks to TriStar Centennial for helping make this great moment happen!

If you’re interested in making moments like this happen regularly, you can become a volunteer by applying today!

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

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