A Special Performance for a Deserving Family

After hearing one of our Volunteer Musicians, Gregory Cho, was completing an Ironman race in support of Musicians On Call, we asked him to share his favorite moment from a program.

What we did not expect, however, was to read a touching moment showing how music can heal families as well.

Here’s what Gregory had to say:

A volunteer moment I would characterize as my “favorite” was when I experienced a unique perspective on the healing power of music.

This moment began like many others: the Volunteer Guide approached the hospital room to inquire whether the patient would be interested in listening to music. The similarities, however, ended there.

I next recall the Volunteer Guide immediately being approached by a nurse. After speaking with the nurse, the Guide informed me that the patient recently passed, but that the family might appreciate some music. When asked, I stated that I had no objection to playing in these circumstances. The Guide then entered the room and a few moments later, signaled for me to enter.

With that, I entered and observed approximately a half dozen of what appeared to be friends and family members surrounding the patient. The patient was in bed, resting in peace. Everyone appeared to be mourning in various ways: whereas some had tears of sadness, others exhibited a melancholic gratefulness for having shared some final moments together. I said hello, introduced myself and thanked everyone for allowing me to take part in this moment with them.

What happened during the next four minutes will remain one of the most significant experiences of my life. I began to play Orchestral Suite No. 3 (Air on the “G” String) by Johann Sebastian Bach. Soon, faces smiled, eyes opened wider and tears and expressions of sadness and resignation, turned into tears of joy, acceptance and warm reflection. And when I when it was all over, deep hugs were exchanged, handshakes were had and even a laughter filled high-five was given.

That was the healing power of music through Musicians On Call.

Thank you, Gregory, for sharing this touching moment between you and the family.

Gregory finished the race, a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and then a 26.2 mile run, on September 10th! Be sure to congratulate him on his fundraising page here and help bring music to those who need it the most! He has currently raised over $650 in support of MOC, qualifying him for the Backstage Pass Club!

Have you experienced the healing power of music? Tell us about it! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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