Volunteer Guides

Tips For A Successful Audition Video

Technology Suggestions

  • Film in landscape orientation for the best visual and please make sure you (and your instrument) are completely in frame.
  • Video quality does not need to be professional and could be recorded on a phone, computer or tablet.
  • MOC recommends filming your audition and completing your application on the same device. If you must use separate devices, we recommend emailing the file to yourself or saving it to a Google Drive folder that you can access on all devices.
  • Please upload files that are no larger than 400 MB. Large files may take longer to load—we appreciate your patience.

What to Include

  • Your video should be between 2-5 minutes in length, based on your answers to the questions below.
  • Prepare concise, thoughtful responses to the questions, but please avoid reading answers directly from a pre-written script.
  • Introduce yourself! It may seem like a given but we want to get a feel for your personality and recommend you speak to the camera like you would for an interview.

Questions to Answer on Camera

  • Why do you want to volunteer with MOC and why is volunteering important to you?
  • The Volunteer Guide is responsible for leading the program (including but not limited to escorting the musician throughout the hospital, liaising between patients and volunteer musicians, etc.). What makes you a good fit for this position?
  • Do you have experience in the hospital environment? If not, do you feel comfortable speaking and interacting directly with patients who may be visibly ill or injured?
  • Describe a challenge you think you might encounter during a volunteer shift and how you would handle it.
  • If interested in working with children or a specific demographic, tell us why and any experience you may have working or volunteering with that demographic.

Begin Application

Smiling musician volunteer poses next to happy patient.

Make A Difference

You can bring a dose of joy to patients, families and caregivers as a Volunteer Musician or Guide.

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