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With just one song in a hospital lobby in New York City 22 years ago, Musicians On Call co-founders Michael Solomon and Vivek J. Tiwary witnessed the healing power of music for the first time.

Seventeen years later, MOC celebrated the milestone of delivering the joy of live music to half a million patients, families and caregivers. And now – in just five short years – thanks to innovations in the Virtual Bedside Performance Program and the dedication of MOC Volunteers, we are nearing one million people played for in healthcare facilities nationwide!


Every program with Musicians On Call is a One In A Million Moment, and we want to hear yours! Share your One In A Million Experiences on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #MOCMillion and we’ll share some of our favorites!

Don’t have an image to share with your story? We’ve built a hub of social media graphics for you to use! You’ll also find Facebook and Twitter headers so you can tell everyone you’re One In A Million.

As a part of our One in a Million campaign, we are launching a brand new video series! Each video tells the story of a patient or caregiver who experienced a “One in a Million” Musicians On Call program and the volunteers that delivered the joys of live music in their time of need.


Show everyone you’re One In A Million by grabbing tees, hoodies, and tanks all celebrating this huge milestone

one grey tee, one navy blue long sleeved shirt, and one grey hoodie that have "One In A Million" written on the front, along with the Musicians On Call logo



Elise Friedman
Mitch Glazier
Michelle Klinger
Tom Manatos
Alex Blavatnik
Bruce Cozadd
Milton Johnson
Paul Jones

Cathy Sullivan
Lou Tedesco
Diane Pearson
Steve Savoca
Daniel Miller
Michael Berryhill
Scott McElhone
Charles Bronfman

Cristina Carlino
Kevin Hickey
Jessica Lee
Scott Welch
Tamyra Zieran
Brendan Black
Catherine Moore


Cherylann Stephens
Jeffrey Scornavacca
Michele Ballantyne
Martha Thomases
Paul Bamatter
Justin Epley
Katy Epley
Adina Barnes
Jennifer Pountain
Lori Feldman
Doug Vander Weide
John Becker
Jonathan Mann
The Runners
Ryan Leo
Pat Sebastian
Tim Scarvey
Pete Griffin
Shawn Hurley
Damion Krout
Missy Ducharme
Maxine Davner
Mary Mockus
Michael Wiskey
James Weir
Vivek Tiwary
Daniel Venne
Isobel Robson
Tracy Szymanski
Brian Holland

Brian Drue
David Frangioni
Frederick Feldman
Jason Owen
John Roberts
Lisa Jenkins
Lorraine Chamberlin
Virginia Phucas
Jeffrey Markovitz
Alyssa Gelkopf
Bonnie Eisner
D.J. Kahlo
Prisca Marvin
Susan Mufson
Guy Upchurch
Larry Edginton
Alex Merchan
Dan Farrell
Alisann Blood
KP Sledge
Alfredo Frohlich
Andrea Frohlich
Patt Gutierrez
Deirdre Finnegan
Karen Moss
Mandy Mullins
Alissa Pollack
Jerry Musi
Michael Solomon
Amy Jordan

DeDe Ebner
Christine Friel
Mary Lee Bennett
Anna Peng
Ben Derosa
Harrison Roday
Iain Catling
Ian Lopuch
Jen Jacobsen
Jennifer Pountain
Judith Krupp
Justin Fish
Ken Voisin
Nikhil Bodade
Sara O’Donnell
Stephen Doucette
Steven Gutierrez
Susan Rosen
Jay Liepis
Laura McKinley Bull
Brie Thompson
David Johnson
Donna Passero
Kristopher Gillespie
Nancy Rosendin
Rachel Platten
Ronn Steen
Scott Hendricks
Valerie Bodrey